Get your camera ready!


July marks the beginning of flowers for the most part of the West Coast, If you have been to our valley this time last year, you would know that this annual phenomenon creates the prefect opportunity for avid photographers, instagram’ers and twitter’ers to show off their skills at capturing the small flowers that cover the landmasses like snow! Traveling deeper along the R27 or N7 into the West Coast, it becomes evident that the yellow lines on the side of the road marks the edge of a natural bed filled with a variety of Fynbos, that will pretty soon be transformed with flowers as far as they eyes can see.

Flower varieties varies per region, but expect to see a few favorites like “Pietsnot” (Grielum humifusum), Mini drumsticks (Zaluzianskya Paryiflora) and the all to famous Pers Viooltjie (Lachenalia Pallida) when you visit Paternoster.

Paternoster accommodation units that offer the best views of these flowers include Jacobsklip, Gezellig and Farr out Guesthouse! Call us now for a tailor made special of up to 40% to ensure you get the best deal.