sunsets pasternoster

Paternoster has been frequented by visitors over the years, and these stays have been predominantly during the summer seasons. there is a list of good reasons to also visit the West Coast during Winter.

Although mos Paternoster accommodation establishments are on the beach, even if the unit is located just a few rows back, you are still within close proximity to the ocean at any given time. Accommodation units also offer fireplaces, and some with central heating.

Because the Western Cape falls within a winter rainfall area, Paternoster gets most of its rain from about April to September, but more interesting is that this period has reduced winds, and could make your stay in Paternoster all the more pleasant. Temperatures differences between winter and some is not so drastic, and we enjoy “lekker” warms days during winter. Sure at times it will rain, but then it is time to take out the red wine, light a file and kick your feet up.

The west coast is renowned for its flower season, and Paternoster does more then its fair share to contribute to does amazing phenomenon, when you visit Paternoster from May onwards, early bloomers are present everywhere, and you can see the landscape being transformed into luscious fields.

Come visit us at one of our Paternoster rentals, or book into our Bed and Breakfast units, and explore the West coast in its most picturesque form. Winter in Paternoster brings forth low season rates, and that Beach house or beach villa is well within reach.

Did we mention the sunsets in Paternoster? The cloud formations, and sea-line dance together bringing you unforgettable images from any corner in Paternoster.